Me eating soup at Han Bat.
Me in my favorite clothes.
Me in grayscale.
A large poster on an empty wall that reads 'PERSEVERE' in painted lettering.
Heavy clouds and green foothills.
A branch of a tree that seems to branch indefinitely.
My parents interacting extremely typically.
My sister across the table taking a picture of me taking a picture of her, which is this picture.
My dog in the passenger seat politely requesting attention.
Pink flower petals gravitating toward a concrete sidewalk.
Two brothers walking through a small mountain town with fresh coffee; one peace sign, one cheers.
Black sand washing into cloudy Pacific infinity; a familiar bummer in the foreground utterly ruining the shot.
My sister's partner-of-significant-duration (my brother-in-vibe?) flaunting nothing on the way back from a rickety vantage overlooking a suburb of Los Angeles.
A lonely closed-circuit camera surveilling an empty parking lot labeled Lot P.
Admiring my shoes on a narrow bridge above a rapid creek.
A robot with a 2x4 soul, visibly dissatisfied with its output.
A diagram of a table on graph paper. A potential table.
Stackable cubic skulls printed in Martha Stewart®-brand PLA. The second greatest gift I've ever received: Martha's memento mori.
An X-ACTO® knife. Fresh blade.
Galvanized steel plumbing pipes and fittings sorted into orange buckets, brought to you by Home Depot®.
Unpainted tabletop miniature. Sentient bipedal robot, specifically T'au.
Green rug, white couch, wood table, gray blanket.
Close-up of an etching press registration grid, brought to you by Takach Press®.
A screen print hanging on the wall above a large manual screen printing press. Super meaningful to whoever took the picture, at least I get that sense.
A multichromatic striped frame sample sitting on construction paper.
A black ballpoint pen drawing on white graph paper. A vaguely humanoid assemblage of shapes with screw-like rod arms, a stacked box torso, smooth pipe legs, and a plastic floret head. It's worshipping a biblically accurate screw of enormous proportion. In this world, even the most basic fasteners are much larger than people.
A blue Werner® ladder waiting for the subway at 4th Avenue.
A rough graphite sketch of a detached plot of land floating in space, populated by tree-sized lollipops.
A pile of candidate frame samples in front of an entire wall of more frame samples.
A pristine dyneema fanny pack.
The greatest mother to have ever done it hauling her offspring's garbage through Home Depot®.
Soft concrete.
A purple Post-it® with 'ASS DRAG' written on it in caps lock. There's so much more where this came from.
A quintessential United States Postal Service® mailbox with 'SEND NUDES' painted on the side, right above the logo.
An Instagram®-worthy bedside table with 'SHIT IN MY MOUTH' lovingly expressed on the signboard.
A hand-drawn sticker on a road sign that says 'FND UR WAY' under a skull with a staircase leading into the brain compartment.
The word 'FACE' permanently etched into a concrete sidewalk.
The sidewalk shadows of two people holding heart-shaped sunglasses up to sunlight.
Shoegazing at an intersection in the sidewalk.
4 partially overlapping, heavily backlit bright pink Post-it® notes.
Two dumpsters in the middle of the woods. Unparalleled vibe.
A closeup of Post-it® notes with more Post-it® notes in the background; not to brag but it's a fresh cabinet pack of Helsinki-themed Greener Notes.
Purple night clouds hushing a busy street.
Closeup of a twig.
Maximum thrift store saturation.
Sketched amorphous manifold of blue, pink, and green ink.
Scattered ink-encoded coral.
Sidewalk chalk portal to outer space.
Spray paint blasted onto the sidewalk during construction.
A concrete sidewalk monolith optimized for resting up to four asscheeks.
A classic mixup between the street lighting and television cable factions.
Prof. Hos.!!!
Neon-stained sandstone.
A selectively randomized, poorly pixelized sapiens approximate peeking out of a previously sealed box.
Rule 170: 1D cellular automaton with range = 1, where cells are shaped like keyholes, but I think it's bugged. If you stare long enough it looks like a waterfall and starts to move.
Rule 150, I think.
A 3D CAD workspace populated with a repeating sinusoidal wave colorized according to coordinate.
A grid of thin vertical lines with a unique fingerprint identified by empty grid coordinates; energetic green background.
A grid of thin vertical lines with a unique fingerprint identified by empty grid coordinates; pale-hot pink background.
I think this is a poor approximation of rule 99; ultra blue background.
Two bright perfectoids conversing in a noisy universe.
Imperfectly pixelated flowers falling out of high-contrast background noise.
Construction-filtered sunlight projecting a binary pattern on the sidewalk.
The softest, most gorgeous spill you've ever faced.
A martini efficiently brokering photons.
The ultraheterochromatic hallway of Midway International Airport.
A yellow haul truck on the beach.
Two big gulps discussing Twilight Epiphany.
Pink angles.
A Universal Rectifiers, Inc.® Cathodic Protection Rectifier. A Hometown American Product.
Observing observation
Me hugging a massive neon flamingo you'd only find in Las Vegas.
Neon shelves.
A bottle of wine named Karnage Kube.
The lead guitarist of The Voidz lit in RGB, out of focus.
A wall-sized bookshelf made out of plywood and plumbing pipes against brick.
A massive black cutting mat on desk wood with a 1 inch grid.
A fence for shepharding hikers with a 'ONE WAY' sign hanging by a thread.
A singular unaddressed mailbox in front of a crumbling, overgrown stone wall.
A stairway leading out of a dark cave toward bright sunlight.
The yarn package manager running installation on a bedside laptop at night.
A pristine macbook on an acrylic surface.
Shoegazing at lake moraine.
The summit of a hike I wasn't prepared for.
The rolling hills of New Zealand.
A supersaturated mountain creek.
A colorful translucent awning.
Oil pastel and acrylic ink in orbital concentric circles.
A colorloaded poster by Jesse Jacobs that says 'FAR FETCHED'.
Omnichromal colored pencil shavings amassed in a growing pile.
Diane arriving at her favorite restaurant for dinner.
Go to tacos chukis if you're in Seattle.
Daisies speckling tall grass.
Admiring my shoes on a log bridge over a lush creek.
A portal made of sticks into a sacred grove, apparently; Tim checking it out.
Looking at my shoes overlooking a rocky coast.
An extremely high-traffic bird house next to a quiet river.
The sky inverted against crater lake.
A closed-circuit camera surveilling an empty school during summer break.
A closed-circuit camera surrounded by graffiti watching for vandals.
A blue-capped fire hydrant planted within the textures of crossing the street.
Trees in an arboretum, where they clearly belong.
A streetcorner restaurant sign that says 'HOT SAUCE AND PANKO'.
A seemingly prehistoric succulent among dozens of identical siblings.
A chrome fire hydrant emerging from angular concrete.
Cowboy taking a shit.
A yellow fire hydrant sprouting out of tall grass.
A mostly full box of Helsinki-themed Post-it® notes, like pastel steps to the gates of the mind.
Sidewalk textures.
Erica decked out in dog park apparel.
Cowmin at the dog park.